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Westchester Estate Necklaces

Necklaces, one of the oldest forms of jewelry known, date back to the Stone Age, about 40,000 years ago. They used to be formed from vines or even animal sinew and were worn in African tribes by both men and women. They frequently displayed objects of nature such as shells, bones and teeth.

The rise of modern civilization and its use of string and melted metals enabled a far larger array of types. Gemstones were frequently used in a creative way, and pearls and diamonds made a statement about the social class of the wearer. Precious metals and artistic glass were incorporated as well.

Necklaces can be classified either by length or by the types of adornment used. The smallest necklace is called a choker – it rises high on the neck due to its short length, generally around 14 to 16 inches long. In order of increasing length, other types are classified as princess necklaces (18-to-20 inches), matinee necklaces (22-to-23 inches), opera necklaces (30-to-35 inches) and rope necklaces (anything longer). A lariat is a type of rope necklace worn in multiple loops.

In terms of adornment, wearers can choose form pearl necklaces, diamond necklaces and a wide array of gemstones. Prayer bead and cross necklaces are often worn by Christian believers to make a statement about the primacy of their faith.

Pendants and lockets contain a primary hanging item; lockets are small containers to hold a precious object.

Necklaces are popular items in Westchester estate jewelry. We offer a wide array from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Modern eras. Mourning lockets were popular during the Victorian era, and in the late Victorian, the first mass-produced jewelry was available for the middle class. Chokers were popular during the Modern era in the 1950s and 1960s.

Some of our necklaces below are distinctive and artistic, while maintaining a sensitive touch, an ideal present for the holiday season and beyond.

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