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history of jewelry

Jewelry during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

After the fall of Rome, Europe descended into the Dark Ages, a period where much learning and culture was either lost or forgotten. Christian monasteries, however, served as a repository of knowledge, and monks knew how to manufacture jewelry to support themselves. They created guilds specializing in goldsmithing for example.As one might expect, the forms popularized during this time included religious [...]

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Roman Jewelry

The Roman Empire at its zenith comprised almost the entire Mediterranean Sea coast, encompassing Germany, France, Britain, North Africa and much of the Middle East. The conquest and acquisition of entire cultures and nations directly influenced the art of jewelry making. Greece, known for its artisans, provided a steady stream of goldsmiths to satisfy the upper-class patrician society of Imperial [...]

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Persian jewelry

The region loosely associated with the Persian Empire is located between the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea and includes modern-day Iran, parts of Pakistan, Turkey and Iraq. It dates from 500 BC, with the era of the Medians spanning more the 2,500 years. Their dynasties plundered many treasures from neighboring kingdoms as well.The jewelry of the early eras [...]

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Egyptian jewelry

Egyptian scarab broach Egyptian jewelry dates back to about 3300 years BC, beginning in the Upper Nile Valley and encompassing 28 dynasties until the Greco Roman period in 395 AD, quite a span of history. Throughout this era, the Egyptians valued the religious significance of these objects both in daily life as well as the [...]

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Introduction to "History of Jewelry"

This blog will educate its visitors about the lore, mystery and romance of jewelry and the journey I have traveled to get here. The world of gems and jewelry has affected many chapters in the history of man even though collecting, purchasing and acquiring this unique product represents something no one needs. Yet this coveted commodity has changed the [...]

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