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Introduction to "History of Jewelry"

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This blog will educate its visitors about the lore, mystery and romance of jewelry and the journey I have traveled to get here. The world of gems and jewelry has affected many chapters in the history of man even though collecting, purchasing and acquiring this unique product represents something no one needs. Yet this coveted commodity has changed the course of history and left an indelible mark on the famous and infamous alike.

From the beginning of time, gold and gems were used as symbols of power and status; kings, princes, sultans and hoards of the noble covered themselves in gold and jewels, sometimes even trying to “take it with them to the grave.”The pharaohs of Egypt and emperors of China and Rome all amassed huge caches of gold and jewels either for personal adornment or as offerings to the gods. Traditional societies provided many outlets for the display of these objects, some brought from far corners of the known world. This blog will start with the cradle of civilization, the Middle East, Persia and Egypt notably.

The durability of gold and gems opens a unique window on history; part of the gold in your antique bracelet passed down from a distant relative could have graced the arm, throat or wrist of a noble Roman lady. Due to their durability and hardness, gems can survive for millennia either in museums around the world or in continued use. This blog will explore the evolution of jewelry and the influence of various periods as well as providing a unique insight into gemstones and their storied past. The journey I promise will be entertaining and enlightening; I invite you to come along.

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