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Notable royal collections of jewelry

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The most famous collection undoubtedly must be given to HM Queen Elizabeth this treasure trove contains literally hundreds of important pieces inherited ,gifted or purchased by or to the royal family. It contains several period pieces which were commissioned by them , these contain large parts of the largest rough Diamond ever found the Cullinan a spectacular stone weighing over 3000 carats before cutting into several major gems . The the Cullinan III and IV both into one dazzling shoulder broach touted as the most valuable broach in the world could be seen decorating her majesty's shoulder on her Diamond Jubilee celebration. The additional items include the Timur Ruby Necklace , numerous Emerald ,Sapphire and Ruby suites , natural Oriental Pearls by the yard and parts of the collection of Dowager Empress Maria Feodrovna mother of the ill fated last Czar of Russia .Total value is almost incalculable due to the historical significance of many items.

Next in in line the fabulous Crown Jewels of Iran, a collection so vast it was use to back the currency of that country for some time. Housed in the Central Bank of Teheran to this day it contains not only the ceremonial crowns ,scepters and swords used by the last dynasty the Pahavi,s but literally caskets of loose oriental natural Pearls ,Emeralds ,Rubies and Sapphires . Only a small part of this inventory was used to fashion highly important pieces to be worn by the beautiful young Empress Farah Diba, a new crown glittering with huge carved Emeralds and Rubies and Pearls was made for the official coronation in October 1967. Included in this cache is the pink Diamond the Noor-al-ain an over 60 carat Oval incorporated into a Diamond tiara made by Harry Winston for the Empresses wedding day.

Now we come to the French collection ; unfortunately the great bulk was auctioned off in 1887 in Paris additionally many historically important pieces were removed by the former royal families and their spouses when the governments and royal houses were replaced by republican forms of government . The Bourbon king Louis XIV builder of Incomparable Versailles palace was a collector of gems , it was he who purchased the Blue Diamond of the Crown from Tavanier a gem merchant . This rare example of colored Diamond was stolen during the French Revolution and recut ,today in its new form its the Hope residing in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.  In 1775 when Marie Antionette arrived in France she received all the jewelry that belonged to her last mother in law Marie -Joseph of Saxe ,this included a parure of white Diamonds an enormous corsage ornament which would be worn across the bodice of a ceremonial gown a series of broaches ,Diamond earrings and several bracelets . After the fall of the House of Bourbon , general Napoleon Boneparte eventually became Napoleon I who had his Empress Josephine and later Marie -Louise ,all gifted with suites of huge value . One notable item again in the hands of the Smithsonian Institute is the Marie -Louise Diamond necklace given to her on the birth of their only son and heir to the French throne. Almost nothing remains of this collection except one lovely Sapphire suite and the legendary Regent Diamond once mounted in the ceremonial sword Napoleon worn at his coronation in Notre Dame cathedral.

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