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The Kohinoor Diamond


The Kohinoor Diamond weighing in at 106 carats was once one of the fabled jewels of Mughal Emporer Shah Jehan builder of the Taj Mahal. In its original form it weighed 186 carats but was uncut and showed little fire . When India became part of the British Empire ;Punjab was included . Its royal treasures were part of this conquest. In 1851 the Diamond was presented to Queen Victoria and then exhibited in the Crystal Palace . The stone being largely uncut did not display the life of a Diamond of this size should ,so it was decided that it should be recut. This task was undertaken by Victoria's consort  husband Prince Albert who entrusted the stone to a skilled cutter in Holland . the result was a modified round brilliant cut which Victoria wore as a personal ornament. On her passing she willed it to the crown as part of the crown jewels. The stone was then mounted in the Queen Consorts crown and has been ever since

The large brilliant is set in front of the band of the crown and has been worn by Queen Alexandra , Mary ,and Elizabeth .

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