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Westchester Estate Bracelets

Bracelets date back at least to ancient Egypt and can be defined as a loop of material worn around the wrist or forearm without being attached to the clothing. Bracelets that are a single loop of inflexible material are known as bangles. The ancient Greek term “brachile” and the Old French term “bracel” provide the origins of the word. “Bracelets” have also been used in slang to mean “handcuffs,” about as far away from jewelry as you can get.

Bracelets have been used in many forms and for many purposes during their long history. In India, bracelets are used to indicate marital status while in Greece they are worn superstitiously to protect the wearer from the sun. In Latin America, certain bracelets are believed to ward off the “evil eye” and are even put on newborn babies for the same reason. Charm bracelets contain items of special significance to the wearer while more utilitarian bracelets provide hospital patient identification and notification of allergies.

House of Mulazzi offers bracelet jewelry including bangles and the inclusion of all sorts of gems. We offer bracelets of many styles and provide distinctive pieces from almost every era. A bracelet is an excellent object to accessorize your outfit and can be used to match your other jewelry or your clothing.

Bracelets from our Estate jewelry collection include bangles, watches and links. These antique jewelry pieces are sure to please.

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