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Westchester Estate Earrings

The wearing of earrings, more common today among women than men, goes back to ancient times. Depictions of soldiers from the Persian empire showed them wearing earrings, and King Tut was believed to have pierced earlobes for the same purpose. The ancient Israelites were also believed to have contributed earrings to make the golden calf.

Earrings were often worn as a status symbol. Some tribes in Africa believe in wearing as many earrings as possible, and boys get their ears pierced at a young age. Sailors also wore earrings as a talisman and to protect their ships from rough weather.

In the modern era, matching earrings became popular among women in the 1960s and 1970s, and teenage girls would hold piercing parties. The wearing of one earring also became popular among certain rebellious or artistic groups.

Today, ear piercing can be done in a variety of ways, from a doctor's office or a jewelry store. A piercing gun is also available. Ear piercing generally refers to the lobe of the ear while cartilage piercing refers to other areas.

There are many different types of earrings including stud, drop and loop earrings. Stud earrings are the simplest, consisting of a gem or diamond fixed to the ear with a post. Drop earrings dangle from the ear and can be in a chandelier, diamond, gemstone or metal fashion. Hoop earrings can be metal or contain a diamond setting.

The ways earrings are fastened to the back of the ear includes a wide variety as well and can even include a clip for those a little squeamish about the piercing process.

House of Mulazzi offers clips and chandelier earrings from our estate Jewelry collection, ranging from the Victorian Age to the present.  All are mounted on gold, platinum or other precious metals, and are embellished with stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

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