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About Mulazzi Estate Jewelry

John Mulazzi has a passion for estate jewelry.

His personal collection of antique rings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces is extensive.  Now, he's decided to share his collection of estate jewelry with you, at prices far below what you would see in a jewelry store.

John Mulazzi has long been a member of the jewelry trade active in all phases of the industry. His career started back in the late 1960’s when trends in design sparked new and exciting innovations such as invisible settings, ballerina designs and new gem species never before discovered. He started his career fresh out of art school with a passion for design, but moreover the history and lore surrounding this precious product which in many cases influenced the history of the world. He attained his Graduate Gemologist degree and the dye was cast.

He was fascinated by the collections of royal houses, and how these collections had served as conduits to the past. The Romanoffs, Hapsburgs, Hohenzollern and Bourbons all had spectacular collections, some of which changed the course of history. The famed Necklace of Diamonds, ordered by Louis XVI for his mistress Madame du Barry and offered to ill-fated Queen Marie Antoinette but never worn by her, sparked the French revolution. The Blue Diamond of the Crown, one of the famed crown jewels of France, disappeared during the revolution and was recut and surfaced in London years later. In London It was bought by Sir Thomas Hope. The diamond changed hand many many times and finally rested in possession of Harry Winston who donated it to the Smithsonian Institute where it rests today for all to see. The stories are legendary as are the jewels themselves.

Initially working at several retail establishments Mulazzi gained an in-depth knowledge of the inner working of this unique business and fine-tuned his creative abilities as designer in residence at several elegant jewelry salons. He was exposed to a discerning customer base which demanded the best and could indulge that demand with limitless financial resources. Here with the help of one of his best clients he met many celebrities, including HSH Princes Grace of Monaco, Merle Oberon, Ava Gardener and many others. Captains of business were clients, and socialites who commissioned one-of-a-kind jewels or sought rare estate items. He designed, sourced and presided over the production of these items exclusively. The results were a thriving private business by referral only, but this was only the beginning of his success.

Sensing a need to fill a growing demand, his knowledge and expertise as designer gave birth to another avenue of business: fine estate jewelry. The dazzling remnants of the past beckoned and he heard their call and opened several small intimate estate jewelry boutiques which only sold vintage and antique one of a kind jewels from the renowned makers which include Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arples, Garrard, Black Star and Frost plus many many others. As his collection grew so did his client base and he soon realized that an even greater audience was available on the Internet.  Hence the inception of his new web site: House of Mulazzi. His clients now can search at leisure to find that certain something that will set the pulse racing and intrigue the owner with a treasure of the past. The collection is now available to the general public and we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have.

The idea for the on line salon is simple; in his many years within the jewelry world John has acquired a large collection from all manner of sources banks ,private individuals and attorneys mostly for his own private collection. Why not share these items with his clients, and give them a home where they can be enjoyed and become heirlooms of the future. He invites you to browse thru and find that special something that perhaps you have always wanted and never bought. Our prices are significantly below comparable retail since we do not suffer from the complications, costs and distractions of retail locations. We pass this savings on to you. Please enjoy. It has been said we are only custodians of beautiful objects; why not find a place for one of them with you. 


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