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Westchester Estate Pins and Brooches

Pins and brooches are usually worn to accessorize a woman’s outfit though they can be used to fasten clothing such as cloaks. They date back from the Bronze Age and can be made of precious metals such as gold or silver, and decorated with precious gemstones or enamel.

Early European brooches were called “fibula” or “fibulae” (plural) and were used as an ornamental clasp by Romans, Greeks and Germanic people. Sometimes brooches were used in the hair, especially during the Victorian era.

Vintage pins and brooches can be classified according to specific times including Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, New Look, Mod and Hippie and New Wave. Edwardian pins and brooches dated from 1930 to 1910 and were made of pearls, rhinestones and enamel, and were generally hand-crafted. Art Nouveau designs were characterized by long, curving lines compared to the straight and clean lines of Art Deco, often depicting geometric and floral designs as well as female silhouettes.

The New Look continued that evolution with pearls and rhinestones while hippie jewelry focused on warm, earth tones and primary colors. New Wave pins and brooches, popular during the 1970s and 1980s, used neon colors and bold designs.

Brooches can be worn for nearly any occasion. Fine jewelry vintage brooches are reserved for special occasions and can be composed of precious metals and gemstones. Vintage costume jewelry brooches, on the other hand, can be used with more casual clothing and can often supply that final touch to make an outfit perfect.

House of Mulazzi is proud to include many Westchester estate brooches and pins in its collection. Our decorative pins and brooches are studded with diamonds, emeralds and rubies, and our collection includes many brooches from the Victorian, Art Deco and Retro periods. Consider them to supply that perfect touch to set you apart from the crowd and make your outfit irresistible.

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